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Treasurer for Croom Family Resource Centre

Croom Family Resource Centre (CFRC) was originally established in 2007 and currently operates from The Scout Den, High Street Croom. Croom Family Resource Centre is rooted in the local community and community development principles and practices underpin all work. A key feature of Croom Family Resource Centre’s work is the involvement of local people in identifying needs and developing needs-led responses. 

CFRC is seeking to recruit a Treasurer. Membership on the CFRC Voluntary Board of Management is an opportunity to influence the strategic direction of CFRC and support positive change in all its supports and services.

The role of Treasurer will include the following tasks and responsibilities:

General financial oversight

  • Oversee the preparation of budgets, accounts and financial statements, ensuring that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place.
  • Have an overview of the organisation’s financial resources to advise the board on financial implications of proposals, cash flow problems, etc.
  •  As a trustee, work with the rest of the board to ensure compliance with the Charities Governance Code.
  • Work with the Auditor to prepare annual accounts presented at the AGM.
  • Work with other board members to prepare reports for the Charities Regulator.

Skills, Qualities & Commitment sought:

  • Knowledge of bookkeeping and accountancy methods.
  • Understanding of financial governance, ideally charity financial governance.
  • Ability to communicate financial data to the board.
  • Experience preparing accounts for Auditor
  • Commitment to working with the team to comply with the Charities Governance Code.

Treasurer for Croom Family Resource Centre

Published on 04.05.2022

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