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Treasurer and, if possible, Company Secretary

Christian Meditation Ireland (CMI) is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. CMI is run by a voluntary Board of up to 12 persons. While the financial side of our work is very light, we strive to have a qualified accounting professional in the role of Treasurer/Financial Director. For some years now, the person appointed to this role has also acted as Company Secretary, with responsibility for ensuring returns to the Companies Registration Office and the Charities Regulator (CRA).

We are currently seeking to fill this role in a voluntary capacity. Responsibilities include:

  • maintaining a record of income and expenditure,
  • managing our Online Banking,
  • providing a financial update to the Board every two months,
  • preparing annual accounts for the CRO and CRA
  • submitting annual accounts and other occasional returns to CRO and CRA
  • attending occasional meetings of the Board of CMI and
  • attending the Annual Forum and AGM of CMI. 

Treasurer and, if possible, Company Secretary

Published on 27.07.2019