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First Fortnight is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee governed by a Board of 7 – 12 Directors / Trustees.  The Board is seeking to recruit a Treasurer who will play an active role in overseeing company finance in conjunction with the Board, CEO and other relevant staff.

The role of the Treasurer is to:

Help the Board carry out its duty to provide financial oversight by:

1. Liaising with the CEO and other relevant members of staff who are responsible for the entity’s finances

2. Ensuring trustees are supplied with financial information by staff in a form that enables them to understand the financial position and the outlook for the organisation

3. Acting as an interpreter in financial matters to trustees who have limited understanding of finance 4. Ensuring the maintenance of accounting standards by the organisation and sound internal controls

5. Taking the lead in developing policies relating to finances, reserves and investments

6. Providing strategic advice to the Board on financial matters

7. Considering the financial implications of strategic plans, annual budgets and financial management reports

8. Liaising with external auditors and taking the lead in their appointment.