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Standing Committee on Regulation

The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, leading professional body for Chartered Surveyors practicing in Ireland invites independent members to apply to serve on its professional body Standing Committee on Regulation (SCoR).

There are currently two vacancies.

Application Process

1. Interested applicants should email for a copy of the Commitee's terms of reference.

2. Interested applciants should email a one pager C.V along with a maximum 1000 word statement outlining how you meet the skills, competencies and experience necessary to carry out the duties of the Standing Committee on Regulation. See required skills 1-11 below.

Following a review of the applications, potential candidates will be invited to an interview. 

  1. Public Life

Please state how you have demonstrated the importance of upholding public interest or any experience where you have contributed to Public accountability, in particular any experience of a regulatory environment.

  1. Decision Making

Please give an example of your ability to make objective decisions that display sound judgement. 

  1. Leadership

Please provide an example which best illustrates your leadership skills and experience. 

  1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Panel members are required to have excellent written and oral communication skills and interpersonal skills. Please show us how you meet these requirements including your ability to engage with a range of stakeholders. 

  1. Critical Analysis Ability

Please give a brief example of how you have managed to analyse and grasp the detail of large amounts of information. 

  1. Strategic Thinking

Please give a brief example of how you have demonstrated strategic thinking in either your professional career or any other capacity. 

  1. Quasi-Judicial Experience

Please give a brief example of any participation you have had in quasi-judicial proceedings, tribunals or similar situations.

  1. Conducting Meetings

Please give examples which best illustrate your experience of conduction or managing meetings and/or drafting formal reports. 

  1. Legal or Policy Context

Please give a brief example that demonstrates your knowledge of the legal and/or policy context affecting delivery and development of professional practice in the property professional services setting. 

  1. Previous Experience on similar Disciplinary/ Regulatory Committees

Please outline your experience sitting as part of a Disciplinary Committee or similar decision-making body or any experience you have had as part of a Professional Regulatory Committee.

  1. Other relevant skills

Is there any other information/ skill that you feel is relevant to your application

Applications to be sent by close of business Friday 14th June 2019.