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SMART Recovery Ireland Board of Directors/Trustee

SMART Recovery, Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) is a science-based programme to help people manage their recovery from any type of addictive behaviour. 

SMART Recovery Ireland, as the authorised license holder from SMART Recovery International,  mission is to develop, promote, and make available the SMART Recovery 4-point programme  across Ireland through open peer led mutual aid support meetings available to all in our communities dealing with addictive behaviours. The 4-point programme aims to help people gain control over their addictive behaviours, achieve recovery, live a balanced lifestyle and lead meaningful and satisfying lives. 

We have a number of vacancies presently for Voluntary Board of Directors/Trustees. We are seeking Board Directors/Trustees  Nationally  who will contribute to the ongoing strategic development of SMART Recovery Ireland and assist the Coordinator with issues of HR, Legal, Finance, Governance, and Health and Safety.

Our voluntary board of directors/trustees guide the strategic development of SMART Recovery Ireland and have oversight over governance, recruitment and finance. We are particularly interested in individuals who have knowledge and experience of the SMART Recovery 4-point programme, experience in recovery, are peers, and/or family members, people with  expertise in Finance, Legal, Education or strategic development are also of interest to us.

It is desirable that the successful candidate has:
• An interest and understanding of Addiction and  Addictive Behaviours, associated challenges, recovery and mutual aid groups
• A strong background in business planning, income generation and strategic plan implementation.
• A knowledge and experience of social inclusion issues and a partnership approach to problem solving.
• The ability to bring together organisations and individuals from different sectors to work as a team.
• Experience of voluntary Board membership.
• Good leadership skills,
• Good communication and interpersonal skills,
• Impartiality, fairness and ability to respect confidences,
• Ability to engage in decision making and followed up.

Our board meets 5-6 times per year and members are required to commit to attendance at a minimum of 80% of meetings.
Our board meetings are generally held at 9.30am however the day and time is arranged to suit the majority of board members



SMART Recovery Ireland Board of Directors/Trustee

Published on 25.08.2020