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Non Executive Director with experience in one or more of : Healthcare, Finance or Legal

Role of Non-Executive Directors

The Board of Peamount is comprised of up to 12 non-executive directors, with sufficient diversity to ensure a balanced and effective Board. The responsibility of the Board is to promote the success of Peamount by leading and directing the activities of the organisation within a framework of prudent and effective controls. It shall provide strategic guidance in running its affairs and monitor the activities and effectiveness of management.

The Board should fulfil key functions, including: reviewing and guiding strategic direction and major plans of action, risk management policies and procedures, annual budgets and business plans, setting performance objectives, monitoring implementation and performance, and overseeing major capital expenditure and investment decisions.

Peamount is seeking additional Board members with relevant expertise in one or more of the following areas: finance, legal or healthcare management.

The roles require attendance at 6 board meetings per annum as well as participation in relevant board sub-committees. As a registered charity, Board members do not receive any payment for their services.

Expressions of interest are hereby sought from individuals who feel they can contribute to Peamount’s work.

Organisation profile

Peamount Healthcare (‘Peamount’) is a long established hospital operating in Newcastle Co Dublin, which provides three main services - Rehabilitation, Residential & Community care. The organisation has c.220 service users and is subject to HIQA registration. Funding for its services comes principally from HSE, with some private income sources.

The organisation is a company limited by guarantee, is a registered charity and operates as a Section 38 body. The Board is comprised of up to 12 non-executive members and is Peamount’s head governance body. The organisation provides its services under a Service Agreement with HSE.

Peamount has recently completed the development of a new 100 bed unit which provides replacement facilities and also new capacity for rehabilitation services from early 2020. This development supports Peamount's strategy of becoming a specialist rehabilitation provider providing essential support to acute hospitals in the Dublin Midland hospital group. Peamount has teaching links with Trinity College and RCSI.

Peamount provides services to patients from the catchment area and receives referrals/transfers from AMNCH Tallaght Hospital and Naas General Hospital.

Peamount Healthcare has the goal of providing health and social care to people in the West Dublin and Kildare area. This service is provided in conjunction with and is substantially funded by HSE.


As well as delivering on its current service mandate Peamount is entering an exciting phase, utilising its significant expertise and experience to provide a wider range of rehabilitation services which go beyond existing provision of age related and respiratory post-acute rehabilitation.  In the next three years Peamount will further develop specialist rehabilitation services with the availability of 50 new beds in the newly completed 100 bed unit. The intention is to provide for the expansion of age related rehabilitation and the phased development of post-acute neurological rehabilitation services.  Out-patient radiology and phlebotomy services will continue to meet the needs of the local community. 

Within the Older Persons Residential area Peamount will continue to drive person centred care in line with national policy. Peamount will seek to specialise in Older Persons Intellectual Disability Services and in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin and will develop models of specialist care in Ageing and Intellectual Disability.


Non Executive Director with experience in one or more of : Healthcare, Finance or Legal

Published on 22.06.2020