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NiteLine Advisory Board Member

NiteLine Dublin  is a student-run listening and information service which has been operational in several colleges in the greater Dublin area since 1993. NiteLine was established to provide an anonymous, confidential peer-support service to students over the phone. It has since changed to accommodate online listening, as well as engaging a wider volunteer body and involving ourselves more on college campuses, raising awareness of student support and the importance of seeking help.

NiteLine has recognised the benefit and need to become a charity in the coming years. To do so we will need a proper operating structure, including a functional Board of Directors. This Advisory Group will act as the first step in doing so, assisting the organisation during this transition, by providing the expertise and skills necessary.

We are particularly interested in individuals who can provide one or more of the following experiential guidance:

  • Counselling - NiteLine currently work closely with a team of counsellors from our affiliated colleges. We often call upon their knowledge and experience for issues surrounding policy and volunteer welfare

  • Administrative/Accounts - while a Finance Officer does have a permanent position on the NiteLine Dublin Committee, we recognise the importance of having a skilled advisor who can assist in these matters. This will be particularly prudent as we transition to charity status

  • NGO/Charity - an individual with operational experience in the charitable sector would be a great resource and contact

  • Legal - NiteLine has certain legal obligations to adhere to as a helpline, and an organisation applying for charity status. An individual with a legal background is sought after to offer support in these areas

  • Business - As NiteLine’s is preparing to undergo a change in structure, individuals with experience in business development would offer practical guidance during this transition phase

To be considered, all applicants must send their CV/LinkedIn, to

NiteLine Advisory Board Member

Published on 10.09.2019