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Board member with legal experience

Youth Work Ireland Meath (YWIM) offers young people in County Meath social, personal and educational activities in a dependable way, seen by them to be worthwhile and fun whilst being constructive for their future and the future of their communities. Established in 1989, we support a network of youth clubs across the County and deliver a diverse range of social & training opportunities for young people and youth workers.

We are seeking a Board member with a legal background and would expect the role to take 2-3 hrs per month 

We expect that this board member would assist with: 

Inputting to the strategic direction, contributing with insight,

oversight, and experience of strategy formulation in other sectors. 

Act as Legal Counsel, assisting on legal aspects of the organisation and pertaining to best practice

Assist with the creation of strategic plans which will comply with current legislation and practice

Board meeting are once a month in Navan on a Saturday morning 11-1pm and teleconference duing summer

Board member with legal experience

Published on 19.03.2020