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Independent trustee

PayPal Giving Fund aims to inspire a new wave of philanthropy by harnessing the power of technology to make giving a part of everyday life. We do this by developing and managing innovative programmes that enable donors to support their favourite charities with leading Internet businesses, including PayPal, Facebook, GoFundMe, eBay, Airbnb, and Humble Bundle.  

A fast-growing organization, we raised more than $246m in 2019 to benefit 111,000 charities in four countries. Participation in PayPal Giving Fund is open to all charities that meet our eligibility requirements, and PPGF provides donation and donor reports, issue tax receipts, aggregate donations for monthly electronic distribution, and handle legal registration requirements — without charging individual donors or charities for the services.

We are seeking senior leaders with experience in the Irish charity sector to join the board of PayPal Giving Fund Ireland as trustees.

The trustee role

All board Directors are responsible for acting in the charity’s best interests and ensuring its effective administration, in particular its solvency and financial health. Particular attention should be given to the following areas of focus:

  • Ensuring the charity always acts within its charitable purposes, maintaining independence and credibility, including to the charity’s regulators, through robust decision-making,
  • Ensuring the charity is sufficiently well-informed concerning the strategy and operations of our partners to be effective in fulfilling its mission,
  • Informing and/or undertaking advocacy to harness resources and support for the charity from partners where this meets shared objectives,
  • Appointing the charity’s senior employee and monitoring their performance, and
  • Making meaningful information about the charity readily available, and engaging in open and honest communication with its stakeholders.
  • Board Directors are also expected to fulfil such other duties and assignments as may be required from time to time by the Board.