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Voluntary HR Board Member

Ballyfermot Advance Project is looking for a voluntary HR member to sit on our Board and our HR + Governance sub group to assist the Company in fulfilling its HR obligations and providing advice on HR policies, procedures and practices and bring it in line with legislation and best HR practices.

General Responsibilities of All Board Members:
• Providing efficient and effective strategic leadership of Ballyfermot Advance Project.
• Upholding and working towards the vision, mission, values and objectives of
BAP and ensuring the organisation continues to work towards these..
• Ensuring BAP complies with relevant legal requirements.
• Promoting prudent and effective management of organisational resources
(financial and human).
• Ensuring there are strategies and policies in place that will support the
objectives of BAP.
• Developing and monitoring effective risk management strategies for BAP..
• At all times, acting with integrity and upholding the interests of the