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Financial Advisor to the Board

North West Simon Community is seeking a volunteer who resides or works in Donegal, Leitrim, or Sligo and has experience in Financial Management to join our Board of Directors.

North West Simon Community was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee in the summer of 2005. The company is an Approved Housing Body and a Registered Charity, and is committed to a Governance regime which complies with the requirements of the Charities and Housing Regulators Codes and all relevant legislation.

General Trustee duties of a Charity Trustee

• Comply with the Charity’s governing document

• Ensuring charity is complying with its charitable purpose for the public benefit

• Acting in the best interest of the charity

• Act with Reasonable Care and Skill

• Manage the assets of your charity

The Role:

We are seeking an individual with proven knowledge in financial management or accountancy, to have an overview of our finances and advise the Board on the financial implications of proposals, cash flow problems etc. The Director will be appointed to the Finance and Governance Sub Committee where their role will be to evaluate and monitor the adequacy of Financial controls and procedures, ensure the organisation is compliant with best practice principles, and provide oversight of compliance and risk management in line with usual board responsibilities

Board Meetings:

There will be 6 board meetings and up to 4 sub-committee meetings a year. Two meetings will be held via Teleconference and 4 Meetings are normally held in person, currently in Sligo. Sub Committee meetings may be arranged via teleconference or in person as appropriate