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About the roles

  1. We are seeking to recruit a number of Directors, and expect that candidates will bring a range of skills and experience to KPFA, from the attributes listed.
  2. We are also seeking to recruit a number of Committee Members with various skills and experience to KPFA, from the attributes listed.


  • ·  Commitment to the objectives of KPFA
  • ·  Willingness to act as an ambassador for KPFA
  • ·  Willingness to fulfil the duties and standards of conduct required of a Director of an organisation that has charitable status
  • ·  Understanding of equalities and diversity issues
  • ·  Experience of charity finance and fund accounting (for Treasurer role).
  • ·  Fundraising (e.g. from individuals, partnerships with business and/or civil society organisations, EU funding and/or sales of goods and services).
  • ·  Lobbying policymakers and/or business and/or representative groups.
  • ·  Working for or with the following: managers and boards in all sectors & relevant structures e.g. remuneration committees, institutional investors, unions, NGO’s.     Media and communications or PR, including social media.
  • ·  Developing business models in organisations comparable to KPFA.
  • ·  Board level experience, ideally at a charity or company of a similar size 

Expertise & knowledge

  • ·  Inequality (trends and developments)
  • ·  Finance / business expertise
  • ·  Charity sector / charity law and regulation / Governance / Compliance
  • ·  Housing.


  • ·  Ability to understand and interrogate financial reports
  • ·  Strategic planning skills
  • ·  Risk management skills
  • ·  Analytical skills
  • ·  Management / project management
  • ·  Ability to operate as part of a team