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Board Members 

 Collective responsibility to:

  1. establish the strategic direction of AOIBHNEAS, within the framework laid down by its Memorandum and Articles of Association and the resources allocated to it
  1. direct, support and evaluate the CEO to ensure that AOIBHNEAS complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements
  1. fully engage in impartial and balanced consideration of all issues
  1. assure AOIBHNEAS’s system of internal financial control, operations compliance and risk management
  1. contribute to any Committee of the Board
  1. share & take corporate responsibility for all Board decisions
  1. be objective in their work on behalf of AOIBHNEAS
  1. ensure full compliance with Policy, Procedure and Codes of Governance
  1. treat papers marked for non-disclosure as confidential to themselves, not discuss them with others outside AOIBHNEAS, not leave them unattended and where others may obtain access to them, and dispose of them appropriately

Individually responsible for:

  1. on appointment to the Board furnishing to the Secretary to the Board details relating to his/her employment and all other business interests including shareholdings, professional relationships, etc. which could involve a conflict of interest or could materially influence the member in relation to the performance of his functions as a member of the Board
  1. attending Board meetings on a regular basis and be well prepared by reading relevant papers in advance
  1. contributing to the work of committees that have been established by the Board
  1. informing the Board, via the Chairperson, of any new appointments they accept which may impinge on, or conflict with, their duties as a Board member acting in good faith and in the best interests of AOIBHNEAS
  1. not disclosing, without the consent of the Board, save in accordance with law, any information obtained by him or her while performing duties as a member of the Board
  1. responding to any information requests made directly to him or her, relating to the activities of AOIBHNEAS, including referring any request to the Chairperson (or the Secretary to the Board on his or her behalf) for appropriate processing
  1. not misusing information gained in the course of their appointment for personal gain or political purpose
  1. representing the Board at meetings and events when required.