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Company Secretary

The Irish Deaf Society are seeking a Company Secretary.

The company secretary provides comprehensive legal and administrative support and guidance to the board of trustees.

The role is voluntary and involves attendance at 10 board meetings per year and administration work related to board Governance and management.

The Irish Deaf Society is a unique organisation in Ireland as the only national representative body that is Deaf led. This status allows us to be affiliate members of the World Federation of the Deaf and the European Union of the Deaf.

The Deaf community in Ireland faces many challenges to achieve equality of opportunity and human rights in our community. Our services focus on advocacy and education with the ultimate goal that Deaf members of our community should have the same access to education, work and a fulfilling life as other citizens do.

Our work impacts on the lives of Deaf adults and children throughout the country. If you have an interest in bringing your skills to bear and play a key role in supporting us to achieve our goals, we want to hear from you.

As company secretary your responsibilities will include the following:

  • Keeping and issuing minutes of Board and General Meetings (AGMs / EGMs)

  • Preparing draft agendas for Board and General Meetings for approval by the Chair 

  • Issuing the Board Pack (agenda, financial reports, CEO report, etc.) to Directors at least one week in advance of Board Meetings 

  • Updating and monitoring the Board Planner (MS 365) after each Board meeting 

  • Maintaining the company registers 

  • Filing documents with the Registrar of Companies within the specified time frame 

  • Ensuring that Annual Membership is issued and properly recorded each year 

  • Communicating with the members of the company, as directed by the Board / CEO 

  • Providing legal and administrative support to directors 

  • Ensuring that the Memorandum and Articles are up-to-date and fit for purpose 

  • Ensuring that the AGM is held within the legal timescales each year 

  • Ensuring the company letterhead and website bears the appropriate details.

  • Perform statutory duties as outlined in the Companies Act 2014

To learn more about the Irish Deaf Society visit our website, find and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @IrishDeafSoc.

This is an unpaid voluntary position.