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Company Secretary

Title: Company Secretary

Accountable to: Chairperson and Board of Directors

Status: Unpaid voluntary role, 3-year term  


About Together-Razem Centre

Our Mission is to provide services that support and promote the integration and well-being of the Polish and East-Central European Community in Cork and beyond.

We are registered charity based in Cork, established in 2006.

Offers 4 core activities:

•Mental Wellbeing Support – mainly through our U-Clinic Counselling Services

•Advice – assistance to access services. “One to one” support for Cork area and national on-line advice service. Information seminars.

• Education – English language courses and also Polish language school for Polish children in Cork, Cobh, Midleton and Ballincollig – Razem Academy

•Fostering Integration – organising integration events and facilitating social interaction

Together-Razem has provided support to almost 12000 Polish and Eastern Europeans since 2006, often multiple interventions.

Role description

We are seeking a Company Secretary. The company secretary provides comprehensive legal and administrative support and guidance to the board of trustees.

The secretary is responsible for scheduling board meetings, taking minutes, maintenance of corporate records

 If you have experience in this area and want to play a role in Together-Razem we’re keen to hear from you.


Responsibilities will include the following:

•  Work closely with the Board Chair & Treasurer, plus our CEO

•  Arrange Board meetings and the taking of meeting minutes

•  Assist an innovative growing organisation in achieving continued and greater success

•  Assist with the annual audit

• Oversee administrative duties, such as taking agenda items and preparing and circulating the agenda and any other papers

• Follow up on decisions taken at meetings in consultation with the chairperson


Time requirement

The time requirement of this role is estimated at about 12 hours per year for board meetings with additional time required to read papers and prepare in advance of each meeting, plus involvement in sub-committees and advisory roles.

Some weeks there will be no time commitment, on other weeks, 1 – 2 hours may be asked of members.  This can be flexible.


Training is provided by The Wheel or our partners.

Training needs will be identified on an ad hoc basis, and also through a board review process.