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Chairperson and Board Director, Common Knowledge Group

Role Descriptor Chairperson and Board Director, Common Knowledge Group

Common Knowledge is a non-profit social enterprise based near Lisdoonvarna and the Wild Atlantic Way. Our vision is for an Ireland of confident, capable and connected people, and we believe that this starts in our homes and in our communities. 

That’s why our mission is to share skills for a truly sustainable homelife. For us, this means a homelife that is not just sustainable for you, the planet and those around you, but also maintainable for you, and more self-sufficient through skills like building, making, mending and growing.

Our approach includes hands-on courses, events and community projects. Over the past year we have facilitated more than 800 people to learn new skills whilst engaging with local and underserved communities and securing a permanent home. 

Our ambition is to support thousands more, whilst shaping a new base where people can increase their confidence, grow their competence and gain a greater sense of community for a sustainable future. 

As a social enterprise, we rely on earned and grant income to fund our activities. We have generated strong earned income and secured both seed and project-based funding from Rethink Ireland, the Department of Climate, Communications and the Environment, The Arts Council, Community Foundation Ireland, the Heritage Council, the Design and Craft Council, the Irish Architecture Foundation and Clare County Council.

The Common Knowledge Group consists of two companies. The parent company is Common Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Living CLG, which owns the Centre and delivers our funded programmes. A wholly-owned subsidiary, Common Knowledge Activities Limited delivers our commercial activities.

We have recently passed the major milestone of securing a permanent home on a 50 acre site in Co. Clare, financed by 35 people via Community Bonds. We are now seeking a new voluntary Chairperson to lead our board into this exciting new phase.

Role description:

  • Commitment to the mission, vision, objectives, policies, procedures and codes of practice of Common Knowledge;
  • Willingness to work as part of a team to deliver success for Common Knowledge;
  • Provide support to the Co-CEOs as required;
  • Chair quarterly board meetings and and monthly informal board updates
  • Provide leadership to the Board;
  • Be responsible for Board decisions and work to ensure those decisions are implemented;
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships across the Board and especially with Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Chairs.
  • Be responsible for Board composition and development and ensuring all directors are involved in the Board’s work and new Directors are properly inducted;
  • Ensure accurate and timely information is communicated to the Board;
  • Ensure that the Board focuses on its key tasks and is engaged in assessment and improvement of Board performance;
  • Familiarity with the policies, procedures and Strategic Plan of Common Knowledge;
  • Actively support, promote and advocate for the work of Common Knowledge;
  • Maintain boundaries and confidentiality of Common Knowledge and act in the best interests of the organisation.


  • Can dedicate about 3-4 days per month to this role on a voluntary basis.
  • Has Chaired or played a leading role on a non-profit Board previously.
  • Has a strong network and good knowledge of the NGO/C&V/Social Enterprise sector.
  • Comfortable with hybrid working methods and chairing online meetings.
  • Good knowledge of funding and fundraising in Ireland.


  • Has good networks in the West of Ireland.
  • Can add to the diversity of perspectives on the Board.

If you are interested in being considered for this voluntary role, please write to us to tell us why you are interested and include your most recent CV. We will be closing applications for this voluntary position on 4th December 2023.


Chairperson and Board Director, Common Knowledge Group

Published on 21.11.2023

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