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Chair: The Shona Project

Our long-term vision is for an Ireland where girls, and the women they will become, are happier, more fulfilled, and play an active role in all sectors of society and the economy. We aim to transform the experience of young girls growing up in Ireland, to support and nurture them and fill them with belief in their potential.

Our impact to date can be summed up here:

  • 1350 through our annual conferences (Online festival launched in March 2021 including 60+ Speakers with over 21,000 students registered, covering topics related to wellness, mental health, sports, career, the arts and social awareness.)
  • 13,000 through our school workshops and events
  • 30,000 through our survival handbook
  • 300,000 through our website
  • 250,000 through social media views each month!
  • Piloted workshops in Africa and India, Summer Schools pilot, Podcasts.

The main outcomes that we report are

  • Increased sense of belonging and positive peer connection.
  • Increased self-awareness (including personal values) and self-confidence.
  • Increased ability to critically evaluate the messages received by the world and make positive decisions.
  • Increased ability to deal with stress and anxiety leading to increased wellbeing.
  • Increased ability to use her own voice to ask for what she needs and express herself with confidence.
  • Increased sense of her place in the world and her ability to affect change

Our Vision

Over the next three years we aim to scale the width and depth of our impact. We hope to continue to scale our existing operations, and also launch additional high impact projects.

Our main project involves the provision of low cost-accessible online supports, including counselling, life coaching and occupational therapy to girls. We can provide support, guidance and mentoring, building on the trust and respect we have built with the girls, their schools and their families.

Through these projects, we will empower Ireland’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders, entrepreneurs, activists and change-makers. This will have a huge impact not only on the girls themselves, but also on their schools, families, society and the economy.

We are looking for a Chair to help drive our growth during this exciting phase, and to act as a champion for Shona as we continue to scale and build on our achievements to date.

Chair: The Shona Project

Published on 19.02.2021

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