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Chair of the Finance Committee and Board Member

The Organisation:

Rethink Ireland (previously Social Innovation Fund Ireland) supports the most innovative non-profit organisations working in communities across the country. We believe that a team effort is more effective than working alone. So joining forces with the Government, companies, families, individuals and foundations, who understand as we do that lasting change demands new thinking, is how we do business.

Our mission is to support the best social innovations so that they can grow and maximise their impact across Ireland.

Our vision is an Ireland which is more just, equal and sustainable because of social innovation.

Commitment to Equality

We are an equal opportunity employer. We believe that diversity and inclusion lead to success and help us to achieve our best potential as an organisation. We commit to Respect, Equality, Inclusion and Diversity. We strongly welcome applications from members of minority and marginalised communities.

Rethink Ireland’s Board

Rethink Ireland strives to achieve an active and strategic board that includes a variety of perspectives including business, public sector, and non-profit leaders with strong networks and experience of guiding strategy at the highest levels in Ireland and internationally, as well as specific areas of expertise which may vary from time to time. Rethink Ireland’s Board members bring their professional skills and experience as well as their life experience to contribute to decision making. We place a special value on members with lived experience of the issues we aim to impact on. Rethink Ireland’s Board as a whole strives to represent key stakeholder perspectives (including social innovators, donors, government, beneficiaries), a range of skills & experience (including finance, governance, understanding of the voluntary / social innovation sector), and diversity by geography, gender, and in other ways that may vary from time to time.

Our Values

●We work with our hearts and our heads – we value compassion, passion and fun.

● We take smart risks and we allow permission to fail because we know that innovation and risk are two sides of the same coin.

● We believe that social change is a team sport. We build trusted relationships, and we choose to collaborate to achieve our goals.

● We are curious and hunger to learn.

● We value bold ideas and bold leadership, and we develop remarkable people.


Our Board culture

Rethink Ireland’s Board pro-actively upholds a collegial culture, listening equally to all voices, and alert to the risks of dominant voices.

General duties of the Board Director

● Comply with Rethink Ireland’s governing document

● Ensuring the organisation is complying with its purpose

● Acting in the best interest of the organisation

● Act with reasonable care and skill

● Manage the assets of the organisation


The Role:

Rethink Ireland is seeking suitably qualified candidates to fill the role of Chair of the Finance Committee. The Chair of the Finance Committee will also be a member of the Board of Directors. The term is 3 years.


The role of the Board of Directors

● Must simultaneously be entrepreneurial and drive the mission forward while keeping it under prudent control

● Is collectively required to be sufficiently knowledgeable about the workings of the organisation to be answerable for its actions. The Board is removed from the day-to-day management of the company and retains an objective, longer-term view

● Must be sensitive to the pressures of short-term issues and yet take account of broader, long-term trends

● Must be knowledgeable about ‘local’ issues and yet be aware of potential or actual wider competitive influences

● Is expected to be focused on the requirements of the mission, while acting responsibly towards its employees, donors, funders, awardees and society as a whole


The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has oversight responsibility for monitoring and reviewing financial matters (such as the budget process, financial performance, financial control frameworks, adherence to financial policies and financial governance) and makes recommendations on these to the Board of Directors. The work of the committee is supported by the CEO.


The responsibilities of the Chair of the Finance Committee are delegated by the Board of Directors and are as follows:

● Provides leadership and governance of the Finance Committee to create the conditions for overall Committee and individual member effectiveness.

● Ensures that all key and appropriate issues are discussed by the Committee in a timely manner.

● Advises the Board on membership of the Committee.

● Creates an environment that facilitates constructive debates on challenges and strategies.

● Ensures that the Board is properly briefed on issues arising in the Committee for discussion at Board meetings.

● Works closely with the Finance Director and their team to enable achievement of these responsibilities


Qualities and skills required

● Be a qualified member of one of the four main accountancy bodies in Ireland (CAI, CIMA, ACCA,CPA) and have at least 10 years senior management experience

● Recent and relevant senior experience in or knowledge of charity governance, related legal and tax law requirements and the Charities SORP would be advantageous.

● Have the time and the commitment to fulfil the role

● Experience as a Company Director is desirable

● Have strategic perspective, vision and ability to work positively within a team

● Have a commitment to the organisation

● Have a desire to implement the highest standards of governance

● Have an alignment to Rethink Ireland’s values

● Excellent communication and leadership skills

● Tact and diplomacy

● Some knowledge of or interest in / curiosity about social investment / philanthropy / social enterprise / social innovation

● Willingness to open up your networks to Rethink Ireland

● Ability to ensure decisions are taken and followed-up

● Impartiality, fairness, and the ability to respect confidences.


Board & Committee Meetings:

There will be at least 5 board meetings and 3 sub-committee meetings a year.

Board Meetings are held in person in Dublin twice a year, on zoom twice a year, plus an annual meeting held outside Dublin in combination with a strategic think in, and stakeholder meetings, including an overnight.

Board meetings are typically 2.5 - 3 hours duration, and take place in January, March, June, September and November. Board papers are typically circulated 5 days beforehand using a dedicated online platform (BoardPro).

Finance Committee meetings are currently held on zoom, and last 1-2 hours.

Chair of the Finance Committee and Board Member

Published on 12.09.2022

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