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Carlow Volunteer Centre - General Board Member

Carlow Volunteer Centre is seeking to recruit a new member of the board of directors. The trusteeship involves playing an active role in the organisation's governance and strategic direction.

Every board member has the following responsibilities;

1. Commitment to the development of the Carlow Volunteer Centre and support for its vision, mission, values and objectives.

2. Acting in the interests of Carlow Volunteer Centre at all times in relation to assets, property, statutory obligations and management requirements.

3. Where necessary deciding on strategic actions required to achieve Carlow Volunteer Centre's objectives, ensuring that all activities are consistent with the organisation's vision and core values.

4. Ensuring Carlow Volunteer Centre complies with relevant legal requirements.

5. Promoting prudent and effective management of organisational resources (financial and human).

6. Formally registering conflicts of interest or loyalty with the board.

7. Not accepting gifts or gifts in kind in the capacity of trustee/board member.

8. At all times, acting with integrity and upholding the interests of the organisation.

9. Championing and promoting Carlow Volunteer Centre.

Carlow Volunteer Centre - General Board Member

Published on 22.09.2022

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