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Call for Trustee with Fundraising experience - Irish Second-Level Students' Union

The Role:

The Irish Second-Level Students’ Union is seeking an individual with proven knowledge and experience of fundraising in the NGO sector. Previous voluntary experience serving on a Board or Committee is desirable. 

The Organisation:

The Irish Second Level Students' Union is the umbrella body for student councils in secondary schools in Ireland. Founded in 2008, it works towards an education system in which students are recognised as an official partner in creating a student-centred education that truly caters to their needs.The ISSU believes in empowering students, regardless of their background, to use their voice and become active citizens in society. The ISSU continues to grow as an organisation and bring the student voice to issues of a national interest

General Trustee Duties of a Charity Trustee & Company Director:

  • Compliance with the charity’s governing documents
  • Ensuring charity is complying with its charitable purpose for the public benefit
  • Acting in the best interest of the charity
  • Act with reasonable care and skill
  • Manage the assets of your charity

Charity trustees may not profit from carrying out their duties as a charity trustee. Board members do not receive remuneration for Board membership. Travel and subsistence will be paid in line with ISSU policy and public sector rates.

Grounds for being disqualified from being a charity trustee include if a person:

  • is adjudicated bankrupt;
  • enters into a formal court approved insolvency arrangement with the Insolvency Service of Ireland;
  • is convicted on indictment of an offence; and
  • is a company that is in the course of being wound up.

Candidate specification includes the following:

  • The candidate should have previous NGO fundraising expertise, ideally with 5 years+ experience.
  • The role of the successful candidate will be to advise on and monitor the new fundraising opportunities and revenue streams for the ISSU.
  • The successful candidate will regularly inspect an overview of the finances to advise the Board on financial implications of proposals, cash flow problems etc. 
  • The successful candidate will offer oversight of compliance and risk management in line with usual board responsibilities.

Board Meetings:

There will be a meeting of 1 hour every 6 weeks, plus some committee work outside of these meetings. Meetings are held remotely, with occasional in-person meetings in Dublin City Centre. 


Term of Office: 

The term of office will be three years with the possibility of renewable by agreement of the Board for an additional term of two years, if the trustee desires.

Call for Trustee with Fundraising experience - Irish Second-Level Students' Union

Published on 07.09.2021

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