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Branch Treasurer

Down Syndrome Sligo is a relatively small branch with approximately 70 members across the county. The management committee currently has 4 officers (2 chairpersons) and 4 committee members. The committee meets once a month and communicates regularly through a WhatsApp Group.

The management committee would welcome new faces and ideas to the group. There is also a part time coordinator of services in place who can support the person initially in their new role.

Committee Meetings are well organised and there is a standard agenda each month.  

The Treasurer works closely with other members of the Management Committee to safeguard the branches finances.

The Treasurer acts as an information and reference point for the Chair and other committee members in clarifying financial implications of any service or activity proposals; confirming legal requirements; outlining the current financial status; and retrieving relevant documentation.

The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that effective financial systems and procedures have been established, are being consistently followed and are in line with best practice and legal requirements.

The Treasurer is responsible for:

  1. General financial oversight
  2. Funding and fundraising
  3. Financial planning and budgeting
  4. Financial reporting
  5. Banking, book keeping and record keeping 

1. General financial oversight

  • Oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements to the management committee
  • Liaise with designated staff about financial matters
  • Ensure that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place
  • Ensure that record-keeping and accounts meet the conditions of funders or statutory bodies
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

2. Funding and fundraising

  • Advise on the organisation's fundraising activities
  • Ensure use of funds complies with conditions set by funding bodies
  • Ensure fundraising complies with relevant legislation and is bound by effective financial systems and controls
  • Ensure effective monitoring and reporting

3. Financial planning and budgeting for activities of the branch

  • Advise on financial implications of branch activity plans.

4. Financial reporting

  • Present monthly financial report on the branches financial position
  • Prepare accounts for Down Syndrome Ireland as required
  • Present accounts at the AGM

5. Banking, book-keeping and record-keeping

  • Manage the branch bank account
  • Set up appropriate systems for book-keeping, payments, lodgments & petty cash
  • Ensure everyone handling money keeps proper records and documentation