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Board Members Marketing and Fundraising expertise

Established in 1992, Chronic Pain Ireland (CPI) is the only national organisation providing information and support services to those living with chronic pain. We are a registered charity, and we work with all stakeholders within the chronic pain community. 

Our mission is to create a greater awareness of Chronic Pain and to provide relevant information and support for those living with the condition, for their families and friends.  

CPI services currently include a support phone-line, online forum, and nationwide education programme including talks and workshops on self-management. 

Roles Required: Board Members (Directors) with Marketing and Fundraising experience. 

We have ambitious growth plans, we are an innovative and progressive organisation, looking to raise the profile of CPI and enhance our members benefits. 

We are looking for candidates with experience and a succesful track record of non-traditional and corporate fundraising in the not-for-profit sector, to work alongside the board in developing a fundraising strategy to support CPI's strategic plan. To build and enhance donor relationships, engage with external stakeholders, and to form partnerships with the objective of developing sources of sustainable funding for the charity. 

We are interested in candidates with experience in funding and grant applications. In addition to this business development, communications and marketing expertise, that will facilitate opportunities to promote the CPI brand and support our growth, in expanding our portfolio of services and also resources available to our members. Expertise in digital marketing and an innovative, collaborative approach to support our leadership team. 



Board Members Marketing and Fundraising expertise

Published on 06.09.2021

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