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Board Member with PR/Fundraising Expertise

GROW in Ireland is a national mental health organisation which helps people who have suffered, or are suffering, from mental health problems. GROW offers a program of recovery to its members which helps them to recover from all forms of mental breakdown, or indeed, to prevent such happening. GROW, delivers its program of recovery primarily through a national network of over 100+ community support groups across the country, which meet weekly. It also delivers various mental health educational programmes to the general public.

GROW is seeking to recruit a member to its Executive (Board of Directors) with experience in PR/Communications/Marketing and/or Fundraising. There are approximately 8 board meetings a year and these normally take place on a Saturday in Central Dublin. From time to time board meetings, and more frequently sub-committee meetings, also take place remotely via Skype.

It is envisaged that the person recruited would work with the CEO and provide some guidance and a level of expertise to GROW's newly recruited Communication and Fundraising (part-time) Officers, who will be working as a team reporting to the CEO.

This is an exciting time to join the GROW organisation as we are celebrating our 50 year anniversary during 2019. Towards the latter part of 2019, GROW will be preparing a 2020-2021 Strategic Plan which will contain a substantial emphasis on fundraising, communications (including crisis management) and PR/branding. So it is hoped that the new Board Member will be a strong contributor to this plan and also help to ensure that a good mechanism to monitor the strategy is put in place.

Board Member with PR/Fundraising Expertise

Published on 30.05.2019