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Board Member or Treasurer

We are an Educate Together Primary School with 447 pupils and over thirty staff.

We are seeking a Board member who has integrity, is professional, eager to learn new management skills  that come with managing an organisation such as a  school and who is excited about a new challenge!

Many skillsets fit on a Board of Management-previously volunteers have had experience in Sales, Banking, IT, HR, Education, Management and Consultancy, Civil Service, Public Service, Accountancy and Horticulture  to name a few. Each Board member brings a different  perspective. Interest in accounts or overseeing accounts would be very useful also.

The time scale per month would average 5-6 hours. Mainly during school closures this time is quieter. Communications mostly are online with meetings occurring every 6-8 weeks. The Board operates for four years but currently this position will be for three years as this period finishes in 2023.

We would love someone who has energy and enthusiasm for a new venture to join us!