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Board Member with Finance expertise

Helium Arts is seeking a new voluntary member of the board of directors with a focus on finance expertise. The role involves playing an active role in the organisation’s governance and strategic direction and providing leadership in terms of expertise on matters relating to finance matters.

General responsibilities of all board members:

  • Providing efficient and effective strategic leadership of Helium Arts. 

  • Upholding and working towards the vision, mission, values and objectives of Helium Arts and ensuring the organisation continues to work towards these. 

  • Leveraging of networks to support fundraising, organisational and business development 

  • Acting in the interests of Helium Arts at all time in relation to assets, property, statutory obligations and management requirements as outlined in the Board Handbook. 

  • Agreeing a schedule of matters specifically reserved for major decision-making by the Board (including the strategic plan, annual workplan and budget, new services, policy changes, etc.). 

  • Ensuring Helium Arts complies with relevant legal requirements. 

  • Promoting prudent and effective management of organisational resources (financial and human). 

  • Ensuring there are strategies and policies in place that will support the objectives of Helium Arts. 

  • Developing and monitoring effective risk management strategies for Helium Arts. 

  • Developing and monitoring internal systems that are transparent and accountable to stakeholders. 

  • Formally registering conflicts of interest or loyalty with the Board. 

  • Not accepting gifts or gifts in kind in the capacity of Board member. 

  • At all times, acting with integrity and upholding the interests of the organisation.

  • Championing Helium Arts. 

  • Promoting the reputation of Helium Arts and not bringing the reputation of the organisation into disrepute.

Additional duties specific to the finance expertise role: 

  • Providing general expertise and advice on all matters relating to finance matters, in particular mitigating financial risk and surpassing charity governance code standards 

  • Acting as a mentor and sounding board for Helium’s core team in relation to finance matters

  • Challenging Helium Arts to develop and improve our operations in line with government policies and procedures

  • Acting as Board spokesperson for Helium Arts, where relevant.

Board Member with Finance expertise

Published on 12.10.2019