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Board Member with Communication / PR expertise


Helium Arts is seeking a voluntary member of the board of directors with a focus on communications /  public relations. The role involves playing an active role in the organisation’s governance and strategic direction and providing leadership and expertise on matters relating to communications and PR. 


Role description

General responsibilities of all Helium Arts board member:

  • Providing efficient and effective strategic leadership of Helium Arts. 

  • Upholding and working towards the vision, mission, values and objectives of Helium Arts and ensuring the organisation continues to work towards these. 

  • Working within the framework of Helium’s code of conduct for board members, developed in line with best practice guidance for the charity sector. 


Additional duties specific to the Communications and PR role: 

  • Providing general expertise and advice on all matters relating to communications and public relations, in particular how to strategically expand public awareness of the organisation and its activities. 

  • Acting as a mentor and sounding board for Helium’s core team in relation to communications and public relations.

  • Challenging Helium Arts to develop and improve our communications activities. 

  • Assisting in communications activities relating to funding and business development

  • Acting as board spokesperson for Helium Arts, where relevant.

Board Member with Communication / PR expertise

Published on 12.10.2019