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Volunteer Board member with Charity Governance Experience

Established in 2004, Misean Cara is an Irish faith-based organisation supporting the overseas development work of missionaries. Collectively, Misean Cara’s members work in over 50 countries and are part of a much bigger global missionary network that extends across the world with an extensive reach in Africa, Asia and Latin America.    

Irish missionaries have a long and distinguished history of working with excluded and vulnerable communities overseas, upholding rights to education, health and livelihoods, responding to emergencies, mobilising communities and advocating on their behalf.  Their extraordinary work has been acknowledged both at home and abroad as having greatly contributed to international development.

We are currently seeking a new board member with charity governance experience. Candidates should be familiar with Irish charity legislation and regulations and the requirements of the Charity regulator, a legal background is desirable. 

Volunteer Board member with Charity Governance Experience

Published on 21.07.2023

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