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Board Member

Changing Ireland Community Media CLG is a Limerick based not-for-profit tasked with publishing journalism to promote Community Development and Social Inclusion in Ireland.

We are now looking for a new voluntary board member to help us continue to meet our organisational goals.

Ideally we would like someone with previous board or management experience, particularly in volunteering or the social sector. You would be joining an organisation with experienced and friendly board members.

In regards to time, board members are expected to attend up to 5 meetings annually (approx. 10 hrs). There is scope for further involvement.

‘Changing Ireland’s office is based in Moyross Community Enterprise Centre, Moyross, Limerick.

If interested in finding out more please let us know and we can organise a meeting.

Our magazine, ‘Changing Ireland’, is the most popular and widely distributed Irish civil society publication. Established in 2001, it is marketing itself to an ever wider audience and in bigger ways.
- it is dedicated to promoting Community Development and positive news.
- it highlights proven solutions to supposedly impossible social issues.
- it gives a voice to ordinary people working collectively to change their community and society for the better.
- it is an editorially independent, not-for-profit publication and core-funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development.

The organisation's mission, as a community-based communications organisation, is to promote community development and action which challenges social and economic inequality in Ireland.
Our main activity is producing unique print and online material in pursuit of this mission and we do so in a way that sets a lead (eg in production terms, the print magazine is the greenest in Ireland; In packing the magazine, we recruit local youths; In producing journalism, we mainly call upon workers/volunteers/aspiring journalists within communities).

There are sub-committees on which board members may CHOOSE to serve. eg sub-finance committee.
The company directly employs one person - the editor - with support provided by journalists working on a freelance basis.

Plenty challenges/opportunities!
Funding is secure for the year.
The project delivers a really valuable product/service.
The company has serious potential for development/expansion.
The company has a serious onus on it to do its utmost to promote social inclusion and to challenge discrimination on all fronts and to do so chiefly by highlighting the good work of staff/volunteers/activists at local community level.

As a company, Changing Ireland Community Media CLG was set up in 2010 to take over management from a local Community Development Project that ran the project successfully in its initial years.
The current board has considerable expertise among the 5 current board members which we hope to add to.

To get a taste for the work our magazine produces, check us out online.
Social Media:
Our website (www. is soon to be replaced by a new website.