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Board Member

The Clanwilliam Insitute is seeking to recruit new Board members.  The current Board recruitment process is for a number of individuals with a particular focus on the following competencies: 

Sales and Marketing; Digital Marketing and Social Media

Fundraising and Grant Applications

Academia and 3rd Level Education

The maximum Board membership is 7 Directors, including the Chairperson.

General duties: and responsibilities will include:

    • Complying with the Institute’s governing document
    • Ensuring the Institute is compliant with its charitable purpose
    • Acting in the best interest of the Institute
    • Acting with reasonable care and skill
    • Managing the assets of the Institute
    • Providing input to the strategic direction on the Institute and contributing with insight, oversight, and experience to strategy formulation.
    • Assist with the creation of strategic plans which are compliant with current legislation and practice
    • Assist on aspects of the organisation as relevant to experience pertaining to best practice
    • Policy formation and implementation as required