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Board of Management Member - GOSHH Ireland CLG

GOSHH Ireland CLG (Gender Orientation Sexual Health HIV) is a voluntary, non-profit organisation which provides care and prevention services relating to LGBT, HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Sexual Health issues to people in the Mid-West of Ireland. We strive to ensure that people have access to local services which match and exceed those available in the rest of the country. We provide a safe, confidential, welcoming environment for everyone we work with.

Within the areas of Gender, Orientation, Sexual Health, HIV, we actively challenge inequality and stigma on a daily basis. We believe everybody has the right to be safe and free from discrimination and violence. GOSHH is committed to health promotion and community development.

Our office is based in Limerick City and we work throughout the Counties of Limerick, Clare, and North Tipperary. We focus on the promotion of equality and wellbeing of all with a positive and respectful approach to sexual orientation and gender diversity.

Formed in 1989, Limerick AIDS Alliance operated until 1994 when the name changed to Red Ribbon Project reflecting the breadth of sexual health services provided throughout the Mid-West of Ireland.

Gay Switchboard Limerick was founded in 1986 and became Rainbow Support Services in 2001 reflecting the wide variety of identities supported throughout the Mid-West of Ireland

Both projects joined together in 2013 and became GOSHH in 2014.


GOSHH Ireland CLG is seeking to recruit new Board Members.
Membership on the Voluntary Board of Management is an opportunity to influence the strategic direction of GOSHH and supporting positive change in all it supports and services.
General duties of a member of the Board of Management:
• Commitment to the evolution of GOSHH
• Ensuring charity is complying with its charitable purpose for the public benefit
• Attendance at Board meetings and any sub group meetings. Board meetings are held every two months and Sub Group meetings are on an ad-hoc basis.
• Shaping strategy for the development of GOSHH
• Ensuring that all activities are consistent with GOSHH vision and core values
• Acting in the best interest of the charity
• Act with Reasonable Care and Skill
• Manage the assets of the organisation
• Comply with the Charity’s governing document
• Representing the interests of all GOSHH Service Users as opposed to their own.

Required Skills for potential Board members:
• An interest in the areas of Gender, Orientation, Sexual Health and HIV.
• Strong social and interpersonal skills.
• Good communication skills.
• A Willingness to learn.
• Experience in the area is desirable but not essential.

To directly express an interest in joining the GOSHH Ireland Board please visit to complete an expression of interest form.

Board of Management Member - GOSHH Ireland CLG

Published on 12.10.2023

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