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Board Director(s)

Feed Our Homeless (FOH) was founded in 2017 and is operated by people with direct experience of homelessness. And the various causes of homelessness.

We know about addiction, dysfunctional family situations and mental health issues.

We are dedicated to making a difference to the lives of people affected by homelessness, and those most marginalized in society.

Our Purpose:

At Feed Our Homeless we are individually focused. We count our impacts one person at a time.

But our ultimate purpose is to solve homelessness! This is an ambitious, long-term goal – but serves to organise our analysis and align our thinking. 

We question the reasons for homelessness, and work to:

  • alleviate the slide into homelessness,
  • intervene with anyone who finds themselves homeless, and in particular rough-sleeping in Dublin, and 
  • provide an early – and permanent - exit from homelessness

Our Mission:

To fulfill our long term purpose, we will:

  • Eradicate rough sleeping in Dublin within 5 years.

This means:

  • There will be safe, temporary accommodation available for anyone who becomes homeless in Dublin. Every night.
  • Feed Our Homeless will conduct outreach to identify any person forced to sleep rough, and work to get them into accommodation immediately.
  • We will continue to feed and support individuals and families at risk, and in emergency accommodation. 

We currently provide:

  • Emergency outreach services – providing food and individual support
  • Operating a soup kitchen
  • Providing food hampers to disadvantaged families in severe food poverty
  • Advocating both to prevent homelessness, and for better services and support
  • Providing educational workshops in schools & youth clubs

Our advocacy takes the form of individual case support and engagement, as well as the delivery of educational workshops in schools across the City.

To help us get there - we need to build our Board!  We are seeking to add three  directors to our board - who want to see an end to homelessness in Dublin!

Board Role with FOH:

You will:

  • Be honest
  • Act with integrity
  • Be driven by social justice
  • Uphold the ethos and principles of FOH
  • Guide the development of FOH in pursuit of our purpose & mission - to solve homelessness
  • Comply with duties and fulfil the responsibilities of a Charity Trustee as described by the Charities Regulator
  • Commit to volunteering with our outreach teams at least twice a year - so you are familiar with the challenges faced by people who are living homeless in Dublin.

If this challenge interests you - please reach out for an initial conversation with our founders, directors or volunteers.