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Advisor with clinical expertise to join Quality and Safety Committee

The Role

The Great Care Co-op (GCC) is Ireland's first and only care workers cooperative. We are a start-up social enterprise set up by migrant women, supported the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland. The aim is to tackle labour market discrimination in home care through creating a radically new model based on great care with great jobs. 

We are recruiting for an advisor with clinical expertise to join the Quality and Safety subcommittee. If you have experience in this area and would like to use your skills and knowledge to benefit GCC and the people we support we want to hear from you. This is an exciting role for someone who shares our vision for a holistic model of care provision and a fairer model of employment for workers in a traditionally low wage, precarious sector. GCC wishes to become recognised as a leader in excellence in this field, and a strong voice for the persons we support. 

Your role will be central to the successful operations as GCC Quality and Safety subcommittee provide recommendations and advice to GCC board. 

As an advisor on the Sub committee, your role will include the following:

  • Provide a level of assurance to the Board on appropriate governance structures, processes, standards, oversight and controls;
  • Advise on the quality improvement plan for the service
  • Advise on policies and processes that clearly articulates responsibility, authority and accountability for safety, risk management and improving quality across the Service;
  • Advise on risk escalation policies
  • Support to identify and  develop a outcomes and quality indicators and outcome measurement 
  • Secure assurance from the Executive Management Team that the service is conforming with all regulatory and legal requirements to assure quality, safety and risk management; 
  • Act as an advocate for quality and safety issues which cannot be resolved by the Executive Management Team, escalating them to relevant external forums. 
  • To consider in greater depth matters referred to the Committee by the Board and referral of issues to the Board for consideration when necessary.


Advisor with clinical expertise to join Quality and Safety Committee

Published on 13.10.2020